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Paul A. Zeir, Master Water Sculptor and Water Whisperer

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Since 1987, Paul A. Zeir has created over 300 water-gardens in New Mexico, Colorado, Washington, Florida and New York. Over an extensive history of construction experience creating ornamental ponds, streams, waterfalls and fountains in an impressive variety of settings, Paul discovered he had developed some surprising and unique skills.

Humans instinctively know and feel the healing effects of water. Japanese ornamental water gardens are perhaps the world's best example of human designed integration of natural elements composed to cause reflection, inspiration and healing. Over the years, Paul discovered that many of the water ecologies he had created became natural healing sanctuaries...both for the land and its inhabitants.

Healing Waterz brings a unique combination of construction expertise, masterful design and aesthetic as well as a deep respect for the land of Northern New Mexico and its wonderful courtship with water.

Paul Zeir Owner-Operator

Welcome to the exciting world of ponds and fountains! We've been building water gardens, koi ponds, ornamental ponds, waterfalls, streams and fountains of every description since 1987.

Many people come to us with a specific design or concept in mind, many others simply imagine their garden or courtyard enhanced by the beauty and sound of flowing water. Whatever your wish, we can build it!

We have a proud track record of over 300 installations in gardens, courtyards, entryways, commercial complexes, restaurants, living rooms, churches and libraries.

We are state of the art pond builders using only the best equipment
and techniques for installation, filtration, plumbing, pumps and lighting.
Above all else, we value our customers and we go the distance to deliver dreams!